Episode #3 - Reddit Questions and Tips for Speech


"If you're doing podcasts, this applies to you as well."

In episode three I tackle some big questions from the r/letsplay subreddit, as well as go over things you should consider when you're doing audio for your YouTube video or podcast.

Here is a link to the original post I made on Reddit, as well as the questions that were asked and my responses. There's a couple things I mentioned in my responses that I didn't mention in the podcast. Such as how you'll want to EQ an SM58 you're using for streaming and the fact that VST plugins can work great for live broadcast.

Here's an article by the Indiana University about what loudness is and one way it's measured. They don't talk about the now common LUFS scale. Here's an article by Masteringbox.com that goes over that. Here's a quick article on Loudness and how it relates to YouTube. Though it's from the music industry perspective.