Basic enhance ($10)

Already done the audio editing part but can't quite get it to sound just right? I've got you covered. Basic audio enhancement means I'll run your track through processing to get your voice sounding buttery smooth and remove any noise and random clicks in your track. I'll also bring your podcast up to industry standard -16LUFS loudness, so your audio isn't too quiet, or too loud.

Editing ($30/Hr*)

Need more then just the basic enhancement? Don't have time to listen to the whole thing and remove all the "uhmms", "uhhs", and awkward silence? I'll take care of that for you. Editing consists of me listening to your whole podcast and searching for those little spots to fix to make the whole conversation flow smoother. It also includes all the basic enhancements as well as bringing your podcast up to the standard -16LUFS, no extra charge.

*per hour of un-edited audio

Complete Production ($40/Hr*)

Got a popular podcast with pre-rolls, sponsor spots, intro themes, bumpers, ect? I can take care of that. I'll take care of editing and enhancement as well. Just shoot me the raw .wav files of all the parts you want added and I'll splice those into your episode at the determined points. I'll also take care of your stutters and silence issues, as well as basic enhancements and loudness processing.

*per hour of un-edited audio