Mixing ($25/hr)

My approach to mixing is to get the clearest and cleanest sound I can, while maintaining energy in the mix. Although my specialties are are Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock, Pop, and Acoustic/Folk, I've mixed just about everything under the sun. The only thing I don't do is is any Metal/Hardcore, not beacuse I don't like the music, but because my mix style doesn't fit the genre well.

Rap Vocal Overdubs ($30)

Vocal overdub mixing I do for a flat rate. This covers one track of verse vocals, one track of hook vocals, and one track of ad-libs, along with touch ups on the beat (supplied by the artist/client). These final mixdowns will have two versions. One will be a standard, non limited mixdown to give to a mastering engineer. The other will be a mixtape ready mixdown with loudness normalization, limiting, ect. This rate is negotiable if you have multiple tunes you want done (3+).

Studio Time ($40/hr)

The studio is located just south of the beautiful lakes region in central New Hampshire. With hiking trails and lake side beaches less then ten minutes away, there's plenty of peace and quiet to get the creative juices flowing, all while keeping distractions at bay.

Equipped to handle small audio projects, it's the perfect place to record your acoustic EP or vocal overdubs. Please note, there is a two hour minimum for all sessions, and mixing isn't included. I deliver stems and mixdowns via CD at the end of the session.

Pitch Correct ($25/hr)

Pitch correction is another service I offer. Time is billed in 10 minutes sections. If there are specific notes you want your track tuned to, please provide me with sheet music.