"Wrong Way" and "Crash" by T Reks

A good portion of the projects I get here at Intermod are vocal overdubs. Artists will come in with a beat they like, record vocals over it, and I'll do the mixing and final mixdown of the track (I'm hesitant to call it mastering, but that's basically what I'm doing). The process is pretty straight forward. However, it never gets old watching an artist dance around the studio to the song they wrote, but didn't exist that morning. T Reks is no exception.

"Crash" and "Wrong Way" were two tracks 'Reks was incredibly excited about. He came in, knew exactly what he wanted, and we went right to work. As disappointing as it is not having a producer credit on these particular tunes, I don't think he could've picked better beats to communicate the raw emotion of these tracks. Check them out below.